Sustainable Elegance
A Return to Simple

In traditional Japanese aesthetics, Yūgen lives in the very core of our appreciation for all that is simple, natural and beautiful. Yugen, to us, is an intuitive experience where something natural—like a colour-streaked sky at sunset—takes on a much deeper inner meaning.

Our simple philosophy of quality, comfort and caring

Our label was launched with a simple aim: produce the highest-quality product with the lowest environmental impact.



Classic & Simple



Improves with each wash



Soft and Long lasting



Good for you, good for the environment

The Yugen Hut Difference

Our label was born from a personal need to find a natural bedding alternative that was hypo-allergenic (ideal for those with sensitive skin) and thermo-regulating.

We were looking for an organic option that didn't compromise on style, comfort, quality, or sustainability.

Eventually, we decided to make sourcing and marketing such a product our mission, one that would benefit everyone from the hemp farmers to those who crave more responsible and sustainable choices for their homes.

Our shared passion is to provide a product that is chemical free, certified non-toxic, sustainably sourced, and organic.

A better future begins with better products

The things we buy reflect our values and relationship with our planet.

That may sound complicated, but it’s really not. Do you place quality and timeless style over fads and disposable goods? Do you like to know where products are sourced from, and what impact their production has on the environment?

If so, you have our promise that extreme comfort, durability, and sustainable practices are all naturally woven into our sheet sets. And by choosing Yugen Hut natural hemp bedding, you’re choosing a better future for everyone—and your best night’s sleep!