Care For Your Hemp Sheets and Shams

While hemp fibres are incredibly strong (after all, you can make rope or canvas sails from them), in fabric form some simple but important steps will ensure your Yugen Hut bedding will retain it's soft texture and elegant style for years to come.

Natural, Luxurious and Softer with Every Wash

Woven from the fibres of an ancient and versatile plant, pure hemp fabric is both gently soft and remarkably dense. In fact, this comfortable textile becomes softer the more it is washed, holding fewer creases and creating a stylishly silky and beautiful drape. 

Washing Your Hemp Bedding

Use a cool wash cycle and a natural detergent or a brand that doesn't use whiteners, bleach or brighteners. We do not recommend dry cleaning your hemp sheets and pillow cases.

Machine wash on a cool, gentle cycle with like colors. Tumble dry on low heat.

Avoid bleach or other stain removers with enzymes. We do not recommend the use of spray-on stain and spot removers.

Be careful not to wash hemp fabrics with zippered or velcro garments, or with textured towels as they can cause abrasion and pilling.

Drying Your Hemp Bedding

Use a warm tumble-dry setting. Take hemp bedding out of the dryer right away when finished and stretch out over your bed. Hemp fabric doesn't require ironing, but you'll find it does have a "memory" of previous use. If you do prefer to iron your hemp sheets, a warm setting or steamer can be used. 

Be careful not to over-dry, as this may cause (over time) broken fibres and threads.

If line-drying, do so in a shaded area; too much direct sunlight can weaken the fabric.