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Share the Workload
Words Count
The Things She Loves
A Gift She’ll Treasure for Years to Come

Try these great ideas on Mother’s Day to let her know how much you appreciate everything she does for you, and for the world around her.

Researchers have coined a phrase to describe how gender and parenthood can combine to create what’s called the “Motherhood Effect.”

What does this mean? Mainly, it suggests that women’s social roles as caring nurturers of children leads to a greater awareness about protecting the environment of the world their offspring will grow up in.

That’s the basic premise. In reality, of course, it’s much more complicated than that: Motherhood is a dramatic change in a woman’s life, one in which priorities are shifted, new perspectives are gained, social networks are realigned, and habits and lifestyle are disrupted.

In short, becoming a mom means thinking and acting beyond one’s own wants and needs, and imagining a better future where the small child you’re holding can develop into a confident, healthy – and caring – individual.

And really, what parent doesn’t want a better, cleaner world for their child to grow up in?

For this Mother’s Day, let’s celebrate the many ways moms work hard to make our lives, and our world, kinder and more loving. On “her” day, try these four ideas for showing mom just how special she is.

Share the Workload

Whether you’re her partner or an older child, there are plenty of ways to show mom how much you care about her, and the things that matter to her.

Start with cooking breakfast (and, yes, taking her out for a nice brunch is always a good idea too). Be sure to clean up afterwards – and why not extend that chore to the whole house: make the beds, vacuum, tidy up rooms, and clear off countertops and workspaces.

Relieving moms of these duties on Mother’s Day may also make you re-think your own contributions around the house: If you can do them this one day, why not try making some of them part of your own daily routine. Mom will really celebrate that!

Words Count

Your actions speak volumes when it comes to celebrating moms, but so do your words. In the hectic routine of work, commuting, school, events and other daily activities, we sometimes forget to say those small words that can make a huge difference.

Everyone likes to hear compliments and words of appreciation, and moms are no exception. But beyond that, pay attention during those times when a little reassurance can go a long way. We all reach points in our lives where we feel overwhelmed, and for mothers in particular those feelings can sometimes be especially acute.

Offering your spoken encouragement and support won’t automatically make things better, but it can provide comfort to someone who may be internalizing their stress and worry.

The Things She Loves

OK, this one should be easy. Think of something that you know she loves doing, and act on it! A day at the spa? A movie, or the theatre? Perhaps just a walk through some quiet woods, or a chance to read peacefully in the backyard without any interruptions.

Or challenge yourself by looking between the lines. Think about those times when she pointed out a decorating or travel idea in a magazine or website, and surprise her with a related shopping or adventure outing. Find out if any galleries or museums are featuring events that would appeal to her specifically. Use your imagination to show your love by indulging her in the things she loves!

A Gift She’ll Treasure for Years to Come

Choosing the right gift for someone can be challenging at the best of times, and too often for Mother’s Day we end up just buying the traditional “can’t go wrong” things: flowers, chocolate, jewellery . . . all “nice to haves,” but not necessarily anything that speaks to mom as the unique person she is.

What if you could combine her love of comfort and stylish elegance with a practical gift that speaks to her desire for natural products that actually make the world greener?

Well, you can. It’s called Yugen Hut bedding, and it’s sourced from one of the oldest, most eco-friendly plants in the world: Hemp.

Yugen Hut was founded by two moms looking for a natural bedding alternative that was hypoallergenic (ideal for those with sensitive skin) and thermo-regulating. They wanted an organic option that didn't compromise on style, comfort, quality, or sustainability.

These moms share a passion for products that are free of chemicals, certified non-toxic, sustainably sourced, and organic (interesting factoids: hemp actually returns nutrients to the soil it’s grown in, and one hectare of industrial hemp absorbs up to 22 tons of carbon dioxide).

Equally important, hemp is naturally soft and gentle on even the most sensitive skin types, and only gets softer with each washing. And it lasts: fibres from the hemp plant are some of the strongest in nature.

So there you have it. Try these four ways to make Mother’s Day extra special for someone who is . . . well, extra special!