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Can the sheets and pillowcases you sleep on be life-changing?
Bedding with benefits
No sweat with hemp (even if you do).
Meet the hemp family antis
Don’t cheat sheets. Choose the best hemp bedding.

It’s here, it’s hip, it’s hemp.

Can the sheets and pillowcases you sleep on be life-changing?

If you read our previous blog comparing Yugen Hut’s hemp bedding to products made from other popular fabrics, you already know about some of the amazing benefits of hitting the hay (or rather, hitting the hemp) at night with sheets and cases made from this natural, chemical-free fabric.

You may also be wondering – even keeping in mind its superiority to cotton, linen, and bamboo fibers – if hemp is still the best choice for you specifically. After all, each of us has unique needs for a good night’s sleep, and choosing the right bedding is a big part of our personal slumber solutions.

Much of what is written about hemp’s benefits focuses on words like durable, natural, sustainable. These are all important qualities when choosing bedding, but for most people such features need to be balanced out with more tactile considerations such as softness, skin sensitivities, and allergens.

Bedding made from hemp strikes the perfect balance, we think, between remarkable eco-friendliness and the perfect night’s sleep. But don’t just take our word for it. Let’s take a deeper dive into what makes Yugen Hut hemp-based bedding the best for your rest.

Bedding with benefits

Hemp is antibacterial and hypoallergic by nature, qualities that are retained when fibers from the plant are crafted into textiles.

Yes, you could say hemp is great for sensitive skin and those with allergies. You could also say hemp bedding works with your body, not against it.

Here’s how: Hemp has natural thermoregulating properties due to the hollow structure of the plant’s fiber. This allows for an optimal amount of airflow, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in winter as the fabric adapts to your body’s core temperature.

Hemp also resists mildew and absorbs moisture. In fact, hemp can absorb up to 20% of its own weight while still feeling dry to the touch. This is important for fabrics in contact with our skin as perspiration is quickly absorbed and released.

In short, less moisture is retained, and less odour-causing bacteria can build up (another added benefit on this last point: hemp allows for more uses between washes).

While we’re on the subject of washing: Hemp wears in, not out. Hemp’s tensile strength is up to eight times that of cotton. And contrary to stereotypes, hemp is luxuriously soft, becoming softer and more comfortable over time.

No sweat with hemp (even if you do).

As mentioned, one of Hemp’s many unique features is the fact it’s a natural thermo-regulator. Hemp fabric naturally cools and absorbs moisture, making it a great choice for those who are prone to night sweats.

If you think cotton is the best fabric for absorbency, think again: Hemp fibers are more porous than cotton. This is why Yugen Hut’s sheets are light and breathable and able to provide a more comfortable sleep.

Meet the hemp family antis

Antibacterial. Antiviral. Anti-irritant.

When talking about all the pluses of hemp bedding, it’s only fair to also mention the minuses.

As in, zero or little in the way of artificial/chemical allergens and irritants. Hemp is antibacterial by nature -- and because of that, there are no or very few natural allergens or irritants in hemp fabric (that funky stuff like bacteria, fungi, or dust mites and their excrements).

This makes hemp ideal for asthma sufferers and those with skin sensitivities (the fibers from hemp are also hypoallergenic and antiviral, a major consideration for those prone to skin conditions).

Don’t cheat sheets. Choose the best hemp bedding.

Sadly, not all hemp fabrics are created equally. As hemp-based products grow in popularity, it will become important to not only choose hemp, but to choose responsible, supportive retailers for your hemp bedding.

Yugen Hut was born out of our personal desire for sustainable, natural products that meet the sensitivity and health needs of our families, and yours. Yugen Hut products are carefully curated to ensure they are free of toxins and chemicals during production and processing.