Simple. Natural. Sustainable

Sleep in Style

Our soft and breathable hemp/cotton sheets are an elegant addition to any bed and bedroom. The warm, natural colour complements your surroundings, adding to the sense of being enveloped in cozy, quality-made comfort!


A Friend to Your Skin

Perfect for those with allergies or sensitive skin, natural hemp fibres are sustainably produced without chemicals or pesticides. Our hemp fabric bedding is also antibacterial, stays cleaner longer, and naturally resists parasites, bacteria, and mold.

Discover Our Core Collection

Our luxurious hemp and cotton bedding sets. Rest comfortably in a bed that is as cozy as it is stylish.

HEMP. It’s more than you think

Known for its resilience and long-lasting quality, hemp has been put to practical uses for thousands of years. Today, hemp can be found in everything from clothing and canvas to food and footwear.

What does sustainability and traditional fibres have to do with bedding? Everything!

As we increasingly turn away from “fast fashion” and other non-renewable practices, more people are searching for natural, sustainable, fairly produced products. For Yugen Hut, this is our reason for being.


Be part of our sustainable world